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Do you have a small drain blockage?

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Finally a plumber in Cranbourne who really knows small drain blockages

Small drain blockages can be annoying and smelly. You may have had a go at clearing the drain yourself with off the shelf products from Bunnings or Masters with no luck.

Whether its your sink, hand basin, bath or shower, we come prepared with equipment thats especially designed for smaller drains.

Smaller drains 50mm-40mm have really small tight bends that can be difficult for average drain clearing methods to work. Our specialized mini water jetting equipment and training allows us to access these hard to reach areas of the drain ensuring the drain is cleaned thoroughly.

Because we know Cranbourne and have dealt with lots of small drain blockages before, you have the peace of mind knowing your drain will stay fixed long after we’ve gone.

(You also get helpful tips on how to keep your drain clear for longer)

Small blockages can happen in older homes (Cranbourne near Sladen st and behind St Peters College as well as the Duff St area) It depends on how old your house is and what ends up in your drains.

Even the older houses of Cranbourne have PVC drains that typically hold up well with old age however the soil is very clay like which does react to water and as such moves around and causes stress on the drains. In some cases it can crack the drains and thats where we start to see issues.

Newer homes in and around the Cranbourne East and West areas also have issues due to excess hair and toothpaste entering the drains

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