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We Get asked A Lot
Of Plumbing Questions

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So you have a plumbing issue in your home. He's some of the questions we get asked on a daily basis to help clear things up for you

Our customer's prefer an accurate price based on us actually seeing the job. Inspecting the problem first hand lets us know exactly whats happening and also lets us determine the very best way to ensure the problem stays fixed.

Some plumbers will quote "ball park" prices over the phone and will usually quote a lower figure and then change the price when they arrive (usually in the upward direction) We don't believe this is fair or the best way to build trust.

All of our prices are given upfront before we start so there are no nasty surprises, and you get to choose which option suits you and your budget so you are in complete control 

Some plumbers charge a fee to arrive on the job and then an hourly rate after that for as long as it takes for the job to be completed. Service calls range in price from $80.00 to $400 depending on if its after hours or not, and thats just for the plumber to arrive at your door. We don't do this.

We have a dispatch fee of $49.00 inc g.s.t. This includes the plumber arriving on site and checking your job over. Once the plumber fully understands the job and whats involved, he then prices everything up for you and runs you through how much everything will cost.

However, once you give us the go ahead to complete the works, the $49.00 is waived and you only pay for the works completed. So as long as we fix at least one plumbing issue for you, you will not pay a call out fee at all.

Again, some plumbers charge a service call just to arrive at your door and then charge you by the hour to fix your job. How much will the job cost? It's anyones guess. Usually more than you expect.

Because we charge by the job and not by the hour we don't need an hourly rate. Every job is priced up before we even lift a spanner so you know fully how much the job will cost before we start.

Lot's of tradesmen out there do there best to under quote the competition to win work and keep themselves busy and plumbers are no different. Shaving dollars off a quote at the start seems like a good idea. Everyone wants a deal right?

But when this happen's you actually loose. Yes Loose. Let me explain. A plumber, any plumber, will price a job based on whats involved and what they "might" encounter when doing the job. When you get a reduced price, the plumber either has to work harder and faster to make up for the lost time or try to cut corners by using cheaper parts. This will always result in a sub standard job and one that will not stand the test of time.

For this reason we price all of our jobs independently of any other quotes and we stand behind our workmanship. This ensures you get the job completed by a qualified plumber who has taken the time to get your job right so it continues to work long after were gone.

There are plenty of cut throat plumbers out there who can give you a cheap quote and do sub par work. The yellow pages is full of them. Fix It Right Plumbing is not one of these companies

Because we are based in Carrum Downs, we have great access to most area's within Melbourne, Melbourne's North, Bayside, Eastern Melbourne, South Eastern Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula

Because Carrum Downs is surrounded by the major freeways; Eastlink, Peninsula Link, Frankston Freeway and the Monash Freeway we can access most houses in no longer than 45mins. Which means we're arriving before you know it.

Depending on the time of day, where your located and our current work load we can be arriving at your door sometimes in as little as 15mins. We aim to attend most urgent jobs within the hour.

If you have looked through the list of services and still cannot see your problem listed, there is still a good chance we can help you. The best way is to fill in an enquiry online and well get back to you or you can give us a call on 1300 664 932 

Just let us know that you have a plumbing issue and you'd like to know if we can help you. We'll be happy to hear from you

We take bookings between 6am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-8pm Saturday and Sundays. Our plumbers are available 8am-5pm Monday through Friday (excluding Public Holidays).

In most cases you should. If you have a water leak inside your home it can cause damage to flooring, walls, timber work and paint, not to mention furniture and other belongings. If your water leak is outside, the foundations of your home can get damaged, and it can waste lots of water.

Once you have turned your water off try to clean up as much water sitting around as you can as this can still damage parts of your home.

Sometimes you will notice a smell of gas around your gas meter however it should only be slight and very occasionally. If there is a strong smell of gas constantly around your meter then we advise you turn you gas off a call us immediately.  

Plumbing is a tricky thing. We have attended may jobs that could have been straight forward but actually turned out to be quite difficult. Changing tap washers for example seems easy, however if you encounter a more serious problem (like a cracked seat) then you could have an emergency on your hands. 

It's best to leave all plumbing jobs, even small ones, to the professionals. We have dealt with lots of customers who wish they had not had a go themselves.