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Fixed Right - First Time
Fixed First Time
Get $50*

Fixed Right First Time or Get $50 Offer

Terms and Conditions

Rectification Defined
To qualify for the $50 guarantee offer, your job must have been classified as rectified. Rectified is described as the job being fixed and the symptoms of your issue have been resolved and are not likely to return. If the plumber recommended further works and you opted not to proceed at the time, the plumbing issue is not defined as rectified and you are not eligible to make a claim on this offer.

Parts Disclaimer
You will not be eligible to claim the $50 guarantee offer if your symptoms return due to faulty parts that either we have supplied and installed or you as the customer has supplied and we have installed.

$50 Redemption
If a customer becomes eligible to claim the $50 guarantee offer, the renumeration will be in the form of a Coles/Myer/Woolworths gift card. The gift card can be claimed either via physical card or electronic distribution.

Warranty Defined
To be eligible for the $50 guarantee offer there must be a warranty for the work in place. “Fixed first time” includes any period within the warranty period that the problem reoccurs. It does not apply for periods outside the warranty period of the repair.

Malicious Intent Waiver
If, after a physical inspection of the plumbing issue, it becomes clear that the repair has been vandalised or a deliberate attempt to take advantage of the $50 guarantee offer has been discovered, your eligibility for the offer will cease and we will refuse your claim.

Misuse Waiver
The plumbing fixture must be used in accordance with the correct operating procedures. The $50 guarantee offer does not cover misuse of the plumbing fixture. The plumbing fixtures must be used correctly for you to qualify for the offer.

Physical Inspection Allowance
A physical inspection must be granted to inspect the issue before you are eligible to claim the $50 guarantee offer. You the customer must be present on site during the time of the inspection so that communication lines are kept clear and evidence can be presented if needed.

Limited Liability
The liability of our repairs related directly to the issue we are there to fix. It does not cover further issues arising on the same plumbing fixture or fixtures that are not directly related to the initial repair.
Repairs on an exisiting fixture are limited to those repairs undertaken unless otherwise stated in writing by the plumber.

Please call us on 1300 664 932 if you feel you qualify for redemption of the current offer.

Offer valid from July 1st 2021