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Finally a plumber in Melbourne who really knows how to install your new toilet

When your toilet is leaking or just not working the way it should, the best option may be to upgrade your toilet. Older toilets found in the Melbourne area can leak and can also use a lot more water than is needed. Modern toilets (Found in Brighton and South Yarra) these days use a lot less water and look a lot nicer and are more comfortable than older style toilets

Because we know Melbourne, we have seen all the different types of toilets and the toilet problems that can occur. Upgrading your older toilet, especially if your house is old (like home found in Fitzroy and Collingwood) requires care and attention to get the job done correctly. We have seen many a toilet installed wrong due to inexperience and it just causes damage and head ache for the home owner.

Because we know the toilet’s in Melbourne and we know the best way to upgrade them, we can upgrade your toilet quickly as we carry a large range of toilets with us at all times in our dedicated plumbing truck, which saves you time and gets you enjoying your new toilet faster and because we are located in Carrum Downs, most homes in Melbourne are an easy 30mins away which saves you time.

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