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Finally a plumber in Cranbourne who can really clear your blocked shower or bath

If your shower is backing up during or after you have a shower, this is a sign you have a shower blockage. Showers can block up for a number of reasons; the age of the drain, how many chemicals are used during showering and human waste such as hair can cause issues.

Sometimes your shower blocking up can be a sign that your whole drain is blocked.

Our specialized water jetting equipment is specifically made to clear shower blockages. It allows us to clear parts of the drain that traditional cable machines or even “draino” type chemicals just cant reach.

Because we know Cranbourne and have dealt with lots of sink and basin drain blockages before, you have the peace of mind knowing your drain will stay fixed long after we’ve gone.

(You also get helpful tips on how to keep your drains clear for longer)

Most older homes in the Cranbourne area use either copper or PVC for their bath and shower drains and are usually drained separately to the overflow (ORG located outside) or directly connected into the branch drain under the home.

A lot of older houses in the Cranbourne area, around the Sladen St and Duff St areas are starting to block up because of their age

Newer homes in and around the Cranbourne East areas have internal drain plumbing made of PVC. These tend to back up due to incorrect installation or that things like hair or other matter has entered the drain.

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