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You may have noticed your toilet is slow to drain or fills right to the top if flushed. This is a sign that you have a blocked toilet.

Toilets block for several reasons, the toilet itself can be deteriorating, the drain to the toilet could be blocked with things like tree roots or it could be items entering the toilet that should not be, like excess toilet paper, kids toys, toilet fresheners, “flushable” wipes, needles or sanitary napkins. Sometimes it can also be a sign that your whole house is blocked

Clearing a toilet blockage requires having the right equipment on board and having the right knowledge as to which approach is the best to use. Once we clear your toilet we then investigate as to why the toilet blocked to ensure it does not happen again

Because we know Melbourne and have dealt with lots of toilet blockages in Melbourne before, you have the peace of mind knowing your toilet will stay fixed and cleared long after we’ve gone.

(You also get helpful tips on how to keep your drain clear for longer. We are the Blocked Drains Melbourne specialists.)

Depending on your Melbourne home and whether it has been renovated or not can depend on what type of toilet you have installed. This can effect how we go about clearing your toilet.

Newer toilets (like the ones found in the newer homes in Hampton and Sandringham) have less tolerance for foreign matter entering the drain like kids toys or fresheners but will typically use less water too.

Older toilets in the Brunswick and Richmond areas may have been installed for a long time and be blocked with tree roots in the drain or can block from items like sanitary napkins and kids toys as well.

Toilet Blockages in Melbourne can be caused by a lot of factors- 

Clogs from Flushing Inappropriate Items: Many toilet blockages in Melbourne homes happen when people flush items down the toilet that should not be disposed of this way. Items like baby wipes, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and excessive toilet paper can accumulate in the drain pipe, leading to clogs.

Tree Roots Intrusion: In older Melbourne suburbs with established trees like Camberwell, Hawthorn, Elwood and South Yarra, tree roots can infiltrate sewer lines, including those connected to toilets. These invasive roots may cause severe blockages, leading to slow-draining or completely blocked toilets.

Ageing Plumbing Systems: In heritage and Victorian Style older homes across Melbourne, plumbing systems may have deteriorated due to age and wear. Cracked or corroded pipes can lead to blockages or even pipe collapses.

Foreign Objects: Sometimes, small objects accidentally fall into the toilet, such as toys, jewelry, or toiletry items. These items can get lodged in the pipes, causing blockages.

Sediment Accumulation: Over time, sediment from the water supply can accumulate in toilet tank components, affecting the flushing mechanism and leading to blockages.

Fix it Right Plumbing in Melbourne is well-versed in diagnosing and addressing these types of toilet blockages. Their experienced team can swiftly identify the cause of the blockage and employ effective solutions to ensure your toilet operates smoothly.

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