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If your shower is backing up during or after you have a shower, this is a sign you have a shower blockage. Showers can block up for a number of reasons; the age of the drain, how many chemicals are used during showering and human waste such as hair can cause issues.

Sometimes your shower blocking up can be a sign that your whole drain is blocked.

Our specialised water jetting equipment is specifically made to clear shower blockages. It allows us to clear parts of the drain that traditional cable machines or even “draino” type chemicals just cant reach.

Because we know Melbourne and have dealt with lots of bath / shower blocked drains and sink / basin drain blockages before, you have the peace of mind knowing your drain will stay fixed long after we’ve gone.

(You also get helpful tips on how to keep your drains clear for longer. We are the Blocked Drains Melbourne specialists.)

Most older homes in the Melbourne area use either copper, PVC, galvanised steel or brass for their bath and shower drains and are usually drained separately to the overflow (ORG located outside)

A lot of older houses in the Brighton, Elwood and St Kilda areas are starting to block up more often because of their age.

Newer homes in and around the Hawthorn and Surrey Hills areas have internal drain plumbing made of PVC. These tend to back up due to incorrect installation or that things like hair or other matter has entered the drain.

Understanding Bath and Shower Blockages in Melbourne

Bath and shower blockages are common plumbing issues in Melbourne households. These blockages can disrupt daily routines and lead to water damage if not addressed promptly. To tackle these problems effectively, it's essential to understand how bath and shower blockages occur and how Fix it Right Plumbing provides expert solutions in Melbourne.

Hair Accumulation: Hair is a primary culprit in bath and shower blockages. In Melbourne's bustling urban environment, daily activities often result in hair shedding. When hair combines with soap scum and other debris, it forms a stubborn clog in the drain. Fix it Right Plumbing is well-versed in removing these hair blockages, ensuring free-flowing drainage in your bathroom.

Soap and Mineral Buildup: Melbourne's hard water can lead to mineral buildup within pipes and drains. Over time, soap, minerals, and other deposits adhere to the walls of plumbing pipes, reducing their diameter and restricting water flow. Fix it Right Plumbing offers specialized services to address soap and mineral buildup in bath and shower drains, restoring optimal water flow.

Foreign Objects: Occasionally, foreign objects such as jewelry, toiletries, or small toys find their way into bath and shower drains. These objects create blockages, impeding water drainage and potentially causing more extensive plumbing issues. Melbourne residents can rely on Fix it Right Plumbing's expertise to remove foreign objects and restore proper drainage.

Pipe Misalignment: A lot of Melbourne homes are Heritage and Federation style homes display pipe misalignment which may lead to bath and shower blockages. Misaligned pipes can cause water and debris to accumulate, creating obstructions. Fix it Right Plumbing conducts thorough inspections to identify misaligned pipes and provides professional realignment services to prevent future blockages.

Aging and Corroded Pipes: Melbourne's sometimes terrible weather and water conditions can accelerate pipe deterioration. Over time, pipes may corrode, rust, or develop cracks, leading to blockages. Fix it Right Plumbing offers comprehensive pipe inspection and replacement services, ensuring your plumbing system is free from the issues caused by aging and corroded pipes.

Poor Drain Design: Some bath and shower blockages in Melbourne stem from poor drainage system design. Insufficient venting, incorrect pipe sizing, and inadequate slope can impede water flow. Fix it Right Plumbing's plumbing design and installation services address these design flaws, ensuring efficient and effective drainage.

Preventative Maintenance: To minimize the occurrence of bath and shower blockages in Melbourne, regular preventative maintenance is crucial. Fix it Right Plumbing offers maintenance services to keep drains clear, remove any potential obstructions, and prevent plumbing issues before they disrupt your daily life.

Melbourne homeowners facing bath and shower blockages can rely on the expertise of Fix it Right Plumbing. With a deep understanding of how these blockages occur and a commitment to efficient and lasting solutions, Fix it Right Plumbing ensures that Melbourne residents can enjoy hassle-free bath and shower experiences. Don't let blockages disrupt your daily life – trust Melbourne's plumbing professionals at Fix it Right Plumbing to keep your bathroom plumbing in perfect working condition.  Call us today or Book Online.

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