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You may have noticed the drains inside your home backing up, are slow to drain, or you have water coming out of your overflow grate outside.

Drains block for several reasons ranging from excess paper, sanitary napkins, “flushable” wipes through to tree roots and broken pipes.

Clearing a whole house blockage requires powerful equipment and the right knowledge. Our powerful water jet machines and expert training enable us to clear these blockages with ease. We also get to the bottom of why the blockage happened with a visual drain inspection using our crystal clear CCTV cameras.

Because we know Melbourne and have dealt with lots of whole home blockages before, you have the peace of mind knowing your drain will stay fixed and cleared long after we’ve gone.

(You also get helpful tips on how to keep your drain clear for longer)

Age plays a large role in the types of sewer system problems that Melbourne can experience. Homes ranging from 40-70 years old typically have earthenware pipes. Newer homes in and around the South Yarra and Middle Park areas typically 30 years old to present will have PVC piping.

Areas around Armadale, Malvern and Toorak will tend to have earthenware piping and mainly suffer from tree root intrusion due to the number of well established trees older construction of the area

Newer homes 30 years old to present,will suffer from crushed or broken pipes due to poor installation (Not enough fall) allowing for inadequate drainage and a build up inside the pipe itself. Newer pipes can also suffer from tree root intrusion as well. The quality of the drainage installations do vary due to some builders using sub par contractors to complete works.

Whole home blockages can create major disruptions in Melbourne residences, and understanding how these issues occur is crucial for homeowners. These blockages affect the entire plumbing system, often requiring immediate attention from professional plumbers like Fix It Right Plumbing. Here's a breakdown of how whole home blockages can manifest in Melbourne properties and how Fix It Right Plumbing plays a vital role in addressing these concerns:

Tree Root Intrusion: Melbourne's lush greenery and trees can contribute to whole-home blockages. Tree roots tend to infiltrate sewer and drainage pipes in search of water and nutrients. As they expand, they can create obstructions, impacting the entire plumbing system and causing slow drainage or backups. Fix It Right Plumbing specializes in root intrusion detection and removal, offering expert solutions to eliminate tree roots and prevent future invasions.

Main Sewer Line Clogs: Whole-home plumbing issues often result from blockages or clogs in the main sewer line. When this crucial line is obstructed, it affects all drains and toilets in the house. Clogs in Melbourne are typically due to a buildup of debris, including grease, food particles, hair, and non-flushable items within the sewer line. Fix It Right Plumbing's skilled team utilizes advanced technology to diagnose main sewer line clogs and employs high-pressure water jetting and other techniques to clear blockages quickly and efficiently.

Aging or Deteriorating Pipes: Older Melbourne homes may experience whole-home blockages due to ageing or corroded pipes. Over time, pipes can develop cracks, scale buildup, and other issues that restrict water flow. These problems lead to blockages affecting multiple areas of the house. Fix It Right Plumbing offers pipe inspection services to assess the condition of aging pipes and provides solutions such as pipe relining or replacement.

Non-Flushable Items: Preventing whole-home plumbing problems in Melbourne involves avoiding flushing non-flushable items. Items like wet wipes, paper towels, and hygiene products should never be flushed, as they don't disintegrate like toilet paper. Fix It Right Plumbing educates homeowners about proper plumbing practices, ensuring they understand the importance of not flushing non-disintegrating items that can lead to blockages.

Poor Drainage Design: Some whole-home blockages are caused by poor drainage system design. If the plumbing system lacks proper venting, has incorrect pipe sizing, or can't handle the wastewater volume, it can result in widespread plumbing issues. Fix It Right Plumbing offers expert plumbing design and installation services, ensuring that drainage systems are designed to handle the specific needs of Melbourne homes.

Collapsed or Misaligned Pipes: Pipe collapses or misalignments restrict water flow throughout the house, leading to blockages. These issues may arise from external pressure, shifting soil, or age-related wear and tear. Fix It Right Plumbing conducts thorough pipe inspections using cutting-edge technology to identify pipe collapses or misalignments, offering targeted repair or replacement services to restore optimal water flow.

To prevent whole-home blockages in Melbourne, homeowners should proactively maintain their plumbing systems. Regular inspections, maintenance, and avoiding the flushing of non-flushable items can help mitigate these issues. In cases of tree root intrusion, pipe damage, or significant clogs, it's essential to consult Melbourne-based professional plumbers like Fix It Right Plumbing, who can diagnose and address the root causes of blockages while restoring the plumbing system's functionality.

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