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Your sink may be backing up after you have done the dishes or after your dishwasher has finished a wash cycle. This is a sign that you have a sink blockage. Food and grease can be a major cause of sink blockages. Our specialised jetting equipment is powerful and removed the food and grease with ease.

Basins can be slow to drain for a number of reasons. Excess toothpaste and hair can build up in the drain and become smelly. Off the shelf “draino” type chemicals may clear it once or twice but they don’t remove all of the build up. Our specialized mini jetting equipment is designed to remove all of the build up, even in the hard to reach places where traditional cable methods just cant reach.

Because we know Frankston and have dealt with lots of sink and basin drain blockages before, you have the peace of mind knowing your drain will stay fixed long after we’ve gone.

(You also get helpful tips on how to keep your drains clear for longer)

Small blockages can happen in older homes (Karingal area and Skye rd, through to Gould st and Nepean Hwy) It depends on how old your house is and what ends up in your drains.

A lot of older houses in the Frankston area, Frankston North and Frankston South have galvanised steel drains installed that are starting to block up more often because of their age.

Newer homes in and around the Beech st areas also have issues due to excess hair and toothpaste entering the drains

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