Why All Homes Should Have A Pressure Regulator Fitted

Water pressure and its effects on your home

Many homeowners just like you, love good water pressure. The fact that they can have a good strong shower, or clean of their pans better in the sinks makes life just that little bit easier and more enjoyable.

But what they probably don’t realize is that this extra convenience is coming at a cost. Any home that has a water pressure of over 500kpa (Kilo Pascal’s) is at a higher risk of plumbing problems.

What happens if I just leave it the way it is?

By having a water pressure over 500kpa you run the risk of the following:

Excess water usage

Extra strain on your piping within your home

Extra strain on dishwasher and washing machine hoses

Can void warranty on some tap ware

Can cause early failure of toilet internals

Causes mixer taps to leak prematurely

Increased likely hood of burst piping

What can we do about it?

There is a simple an easy way to reduce the risk and bring the water pressure down to a safe level and that is by installing a pressure regulating valve (preset to 500kpa) at the water meter. This ensures the whole house is protected.

So is this going to effect my shower?

So by now you are probably wondering is it worth the trade off to protect your “good shower” in order to save your home. Well you will be pleased to know that there are things we can do to improve the quality of your shower even when regulating the pressure. We can do two things

  1. Remove the water restrictor from your shower head. This can be done by us and easy to perform. The results from this simple alteration can be enough to restore your shower to its full potential.
  2. Install a new shower head that is designed to maximise your shower enjoyment while reducing the amount of water used.

Do I need to regulate my pressure?

As part of our visit, we do a complimentary water pressure test for you. Your plumber will let you know if you have a reading above 500kpa. We always recommend water pressure be regulated if we get a reading at or above 500kpa.

What causes high water pressure and is it my responsibility?

There are many factors that influence water pressure, from the age of the area you live in, the altitude at which your home sits, the time of day, and water usage throughout the area at any given time. The water authority such as South East Water, Melbourne Water has a minimum requirement to deliver water pressure at 430kpa and a maximum of 1800kpa.