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hot water lighting problems

Hot Water
Lighting Problems

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If you have just found you have no hot water, you may have an issue with your system lighting. Storage type gas hot water systems have a pilot light that is used to ignite the main burner when the system calls for heat. Lighting a system is not difficult and may be attempted by anyone who feels comfortable operating a hot water system.

Check out our instructions on this page on how to light a hot water system

If you have tried to light the pilot with no luck, it may be something wrong with the controls or gas supply to the system. At this point it is best to seek professional advice and get the repairs carried out by a licensed plumber.

Because we know Frankston and operate in the area and have all of the spare parts and complete new systems on board with us, we can respond quickly to your hot water system needs and whether you need repairs completed or a complete new system, we can have you up and running faster than any other company in Frankston

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