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Is Your Mixer Tap leaking Or Dripping?

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Finally a plumber in Frankston who really knows how to fix your leaking or dripping mixer tap

You may have noticed you have a mixer tap in your home that keeps leaking. It could be leaking from the handle, from the spout or it could be dripping on and off every now and again.

Mixer taps are not your usual style tap although they are used extensively nowadays in new homes, older homes are just starting to see them installed as they are renovated and upgraded. Mixer taps are easy to use and can last a long time without needing any attention, however there are some important points that need to be considered when servicing or installing mixer taps.

Mixer taps are extremely sensitive to water pressure and poor water quality. Most mixer taps either stop working or start leaking due to these two common problems.

Servicing mixer taps requires care and it is essential that good quality parts are used and installed correctly. When installing new mixer taps it is important that the water pressure is checked at the water meter and that it is well within the working range of the tap to be installed

Luckily, we have perfected the art of servicing and fixing these style of taps.

Because we know Frankston, we have seen all the different problems that occur with the area regarding mixer taps. This saves lots of time and can save lots of money to because we ensure your mixer taps are installed to last the distance

Because we are professional’s we carry all the spare parts and tools needed to take care of your dipping or damaged mixer tap and we even have a range of new mixer style tap ware on board should you choose up grade.

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