Protect your tap ware and plumbing by installing a Cillit backwash filter

Some older areas in Melbourne have really old water mains that can create issues for new modern tap ware. Debris coming in from the mains can get flushed through your plumbing system and can get stuck in your taps and fittings, causing them to leak. The debris can also attach itself to the walls of your plumbing pipes and start corroding them.

The best way to stop these problems is to install a backwash filter at your water meter. When a backwash filter is installed, it acts like a barrier between the mains and your home, stopping any debris and catching it in the filter element. To clean the filter, you simply turn the handle and flush the debris away — keeping your taps and pipes in top condition will help them last longer and save you money on repairs.

Cleaner drinking water for you and your family

Easy to clean with no replacement parts

Protects all the plumbing in your home including tap ware and piping

Extends plumbing life saving you money

Completely removes sediment from plumbing lines

Easily installed on most homes

Extends hot water system life

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