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underfloor water leaks

Water Leaks

Finally a plumber in Melbourne who really knows underfloor water leaks

If you have noticed water seeping from under or around your home, you may have an underfloor water leak. Underfloor leaks are common in houses that have underfloor heating installed as well as houses that are built on stump foundations.

Sometimes the only sign you have any underfloor leak is that you get a really high water bill from Melbourne Water. This can be a surprise to many people however the first thing you need to do is get your plumbing checked by a professional. There are things that can be done about your high water bill, and we have on occasions organised credits for our customers who act quickly to repair the leak.

Because we know Melbourne, we have seen all the different types of underfloor water leaks. Because there are many different types of houses in and around the Melbourne area, we have had lots or experience finding and fixing these types of water leaks. It is for this reason that we carry all of the necessary parts, tools and equipment to find and fix an underfloor water leak quickly and efficiently

Access can be a challenge especially in some of the older victorian homes in Richmond so we carry specialised equipment to cope with all situations we find with the homes in the area 

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